When I'm not pursuing my academic interests I can usually be found riding my horse, who has regained her health and found a new vocation in dressage after a solid career as a Xenophon therapy horse. When I can find the time I like to hike and camp with my family and friends. I like exploring old things and places with my sister who is an objects conservator. My geologist sister sometimes lets me tag along on road bike rides and rock climbing trips. Living within range of NYC means I can finally get out to watch my brother play his saxophone.

I'm undoubtedly an animal person. My childhood cat, Spooky, lived with my parents for more years than I did in Denver, Ann Arbor, Wellesley, and Fargo. I wouldn't have survived a few adolescent years in North Dakota without Grace, who had a huge heart and a sharp mind and helped to dampen the Upper Midwest culture shock. In Hanover the bunny formerly known as Greta, a leash-trained wonder, filled my study breaks with walks on the green. Naima joined the family in Cambridge. She was originally hired as a mouser but prefers to tend the hearth. I didn't intend to ride horses after college, but somehow Pooh found her way into my life. The latest addition to the menagerie is Jack, the Marlborough Mauler, who keeps me company at my desk.