When I'm not pursuing my academic interests I can usually be found riding my horse, who has found a new vocation in dressage after a solid career as a Xenophon therapy horse. I like exploring old things and places with my sister who is an objects conservator. My geologist sister sometimes lets me tag along on road bike rides and rock climbing trips. The downside to moving back home to Colorado is that I now have fewer opportunities to watch my brother melt faces with his saxophone.

I'm an animal person. My childhood cat, Spooky, spent more years in my family's household than I did. I wouldn't have survived a few adolescent years in North Dakota without Grace, the mare who challenged me at every turn and ultimately made me a better person. The bunny formerly known as Greta taught me a thing or two about lagomorphs during my college years. Naima joined the family in Cambridge. She was meant to solve a mouse problem there but is a good fit to the family in being reluctant to harm other creatures. I didn't expect to stay active as an equestrian as an early-career academic, but somehow Pooh found her way into my life in grad school. The latest additions to the menagerie are Cleopatra and Angus, the long-eared vegetarian cats that now rule the roost. Angus has mastered the art of begging to be let outside and back inside many times in the space of a few minutes. Cleopatra is a sweetheart who loves everyone except the vaccum cleaner, which has somehow survived her sneak attacks.